Album Review: Worlds Collide by Robot God

Robot God has blasted onto the Heavy Psych Rock scene from Sydney, Australia, but I really think they’re extraterrestrials; they just haven’t told us yet. The three-piece Space Rock act recently released their second full-length album, Worlds Collide, and they’re ready to conquer Earth, or at least the Heavy Rock Underground scene.

Australia is a hotbed of musical talent these days, especially psych rock, and Robot God is a band I’m glad I found out about. Their debut album Silver Buddha Dreaming (2020), is a treat for Stoner and Psych fans, and the follow-up effort surely doesn’t disappoint. Robot God mixes Stoner, Psychedelia, and Space Rock elements with heavy Sabbath-like riffs that mesmerized me.

About Robot God

Robot God hasn’t been together for that long, but they’ve already been making some noise in the rock underground and probably also in the deep reaches of space. Fans of Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Earthless, Atomic Bitchwax, and Elder will enjoy the dynamic tunes these Australians make.

The band has already shared the stage with some notable Australian and international acts, including Greenleaf, Rollerball, Arrowhead, and Jack Harlon and the Dead Crowes. So, in other words, they’re just getting started.

Robot God is:

  • Matt Allen – Bass, Vocals, Synth
  • Raff Iacurto – Guitar, Vocals, Synth
  • Tim Pritchard – Drums, Synth

About Worlds Collide

The first thing I noticed about Worlds Collide is the epic sound of the whole record. This is what Space Rock is all about. It’s one of the reasons I like King Buffalo so much and consider them to be just as much of a Space Rock band as a Stoner act. Robot God achieves this grand scale on Worlds Collide with a majestic wall of sound on all four tracks, of which only one is less than 10 minutes. The album takes you on a journey, metaphorically and literally, as you soak in the numerous guitar solos, peaks, and valleys of these long jams.

The album starts with “Sleepwalking,” perhaps the best track, which clocks in at more than 11 minutes. Like most of the album, we’re treated to layers of guitar solos and riffs that burst and fade like dying stars. The vocals are subdued and fitting for sleepwalking, echoing and beckoning us to jump aboard Robot God’s interstellar flight.

If we were sleepwalking through the first track, “Ready to Launch” lets us know it’s time for lift-off. The second track starts with the band telling us about their philosophy of space, and then it explodes and totally rips. “Ready to Launch” also features a very cool music video to accompany the awesome sounds.

Track three is “Boogie Man,” another extended jam that’s more than 11 minutes. Like most songs on the record, it starts slow and atmospherically and then kicks into overdrive. “Boogie Man” features some cool synth effects, and, yes, there’s a lot of instrumental jamming, but not the type to space out to. This is more of a muscular, hard rock experience that doesn’t let up.

The album closes with “World’s Collide,” featuring yet another high-powered dose of heavy riffs and grooves. The song tells a story of classic rock ‘n roll lust but given that Robot God is a Space Rock band, I wondered if the suspected female was some otherworldly, hot alien femme fatale.

Final Thoughts

Robot God and their new record are a perfect addition to a Space and Heavy Psych Rock playlist. When I think of Space Rock, I tend to imagine lighter tones and breezier jams, but that’s not what Worlds Collide is about at all. Instead, this is Space Rock that kicks you in the ass, in the vein of King Buffalo or Clutch’s “Spacegrass.”

Australia is home to many talented Psych Rock musicians, and Robot God and their new record is something you won’t want to miss. These guys have the musical chops and creativity to make them a great up-and-coming act that, hopefully, continues to make more great tunes in the future.

Standout Tracks: “Sleepwalking,” “Boogie Man”

Support Robot God by checking out their Bandcamp or finding them on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

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