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  • Top Psych Rock Bands from Finland: From Death Hawks to Onségen Ensemble

    We are gathered here today to go over 10 bands that have made psychedelic music and are based in the country of Finland. While these aren’t all of the bands from that area that are immersed in the genre, they are the ones that I think are worthy of including here. So, without further ado, […]

  • Bandcamp of the Day: Proper Milling by Kamel Toast

    If you like Fu Manchu and the fuzzier side of Stoner Rock, you’ll love Kamel Toast. Unfortunately, there’s very little info on the interwebs about this four-piece band from Finland, but I recently stumbled upon their new record, Proper Milling, and I’ve been loving it. So, call this segment “Bandcamp of the Day.” According to […]

  • Album Review: Origin by Indus Valley Kings

    According to their website, the Long Island-based Indus Valley Kings “are a heavy stoner-metal trio born from the earliest days of the planet’s existence to bring forth their down-tuned music to a yearning, modern civilization.” ​The band was formed in 2018 by guitarist/vocalist Billy Fridrich and drummer Danny Lofaro and was joined by bassist/vocalist Jonathan […]

  • Top Psych Rock Bands from Sweden: From Baby Grandmothers to My Brother the Wind

    When most people think of Swedish music, they think of pop. It’s been said that Sweden is one of the world’s most popular exporters of pop music on a per capita basis. Besides giving the world ABBA, huge international pop acts have collaborated with Swedish songwriters and producers, such as Taylor Swift, Madonna, Coldplay, Ed […]

  • Top Psychedelic Doom Bands: From Ufomammut to Clouds Taste Satanic

    There are many genres of music out there, and each serve as an umbrella for a multitude of sub-genres. Of those, we all have our favorites, for instance, I’m a long-time fan of metal, and my preferred sub-genres are thrash, doom, and psychedelic, but countless others I find highly enjoyable. Today we will cover a […]

  • Album Review: Innate Passage by Elder

    Elder has been an active band since 2006, and as usual, I’m late to the party, as their new album is the first album I’ve heard from them; a fact that I plan to rectify after hearing how good this new album is. Said album is called Innate Passage and releases on November 25th, 2022, […]

  • Album Review: Phantom Knocks by GRIN

    I recently became aware of the Berlin-based heavy psych-doom duo of GRIN, featuring Sabine & Jan Oberg (Earth Ship, Slowshine). Their newest album, Phantom Knocks, was released on October 14th via their label, The Lasting Dose Records. About Phantom Knocks Grin falls under the heavy psych-doom genre, one of my favorite psych sub-genres. The way […]

  • The Top 10 Psychedelic Rock Albums of 2022 (So Far)

    2022 has been one hell of a year for music, and much like last year, I’m prone to blaming the Covid-19 pandemic for this. Last year, bands had written music out of the frustration that was born of the mental trauma that being isolated from one another can bring. This year is due to the […]

  • Album Review: Worlds Collide by Robot God

    Robot God has blasted onto the Heavy Psych Rock scene from Sydney, Australia, but I really think they’re extraterrestrials; they just haven’t told us yet. The three-piece Space Rock act recently released their second full-length album, Worlds Collide, and they’re ready to conquer Earth, or at least the Heavy Rock Underground scene. Australia is a […]

  • Album Review: Interstellic Psychedelic by Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska

    Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska (SDBIA) is a strange name for a band, especially considering the mind-bending psychedelic four-piece hails from England. But then again, nothing about Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska fits conventional categories. The name, by the way, is a reference to the 1998 video game Metal Gear Solid, in case you were […]