Tag: Space Rock

  • Album Review: Primigerian by Black Sky Giant

    I recently rediscovered a band that I had previously only heard two albums by and sadly forgot about due to the massive number of albums that cross my desk daily. That band’s name is Black Sky Giant, and their newest album, Primigenean, was released on January 1st. Background While preparing for this review, I went […]

  • Album Review: Quasicosm

    Hailing from the great white north of Canada, Quasicosm is here to drop the hammer down on music fans with their new, self-titled debut full-length album! The 11 tracks take the listener on a multi-genre trip that effortlessly melds them into one cohesive and excellent album. About Quasicosm As I mentioned, this is the debut […]

  • Album Review: We Are Stardust by Astral Magic

    We’re heading to Finland once again! This time our focus is on Astral Magic and their January 6th, 2023, release; We Are Stardust. About We Are Stardust According to the description on their Bandcamp profile, “Astral Magic is a new psychedelic and spacey solo project started in 2020 by ex-Dark Sun bass and Moog player […]

  • Album Review: Worlds Collide by Robot God

    Robot God has blasted onto the Heavy Psych Rock scene from Sydney, Australia, but I really think they’re extraterrestrials; they just haven’t told us yet. The three-piece Space Rock act recently released their second full-length album, Worlds Collide, and they’re ready to conquer Earth, or at least the Heavy Rock Underground scene. Australia is a […]