Album Review: DEMO by Mycelium Shroud

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Mycelium Shroud is a collaboration between Chad from C.I.A Hippie Mind Control, vocalist TE, and James from Were-Jaguars, and their goal is to be heavy and psychedelic. On their new EP, Demo, they accomplished exactly that. It was released on December 3rd and contains three tracks in total.

About Demo

The songs seem like raw versions that they’ll eventually polish up for a full-length release in the future. However, I hope they don’t overdo it, as the somewhat raw sound is a check in the pro column.

“Tiny Prayers” opens up this EP with a mellow yet heavy feel. I was unsure about the vocals on my first listen, but consecutive plays showed me that my initial thoughts were misguided. The music rides the line between psych and metal, hitting on each almost equally.

Next is “The Witch,” and while the beginning is light in nature, the heavy vibe still shines through. There’s a pretty cool drum part during the whole song, using the snare to help drive the song, but only where it is needed to create an anticipatory feel. The guitar solo is also nicely done, especially when you compare it to the one on “Tiny Prayers,” which seemed out of place.

Lastly, we find “Polluted Dream,” and this one begins with a progressive style guitar riff that transitions into a slower style for the next section of the track. The bass sound is excellent, but the progressive edge of the guitars really helped this song stand out.

Final Thoughts

Mycelium Shroud has gotten off to a good start with this Demo release. The music is interesting, and the band retains a heavy feel even while the more subdued sections are occurring; I’m looking forward to what they do next! It’s available on Bandcamp now, so head over there and listen for yourself. Enjoy!

Support Mycelium Shroud by checking out their Bandcamp.

This review was written by Tom Hanno, who has been writing reviews for the last 7 years but has been sharing his love of music for the majority of his life. Originally starting out at the now defunct Chimera Magazine, he is currently contributing to Doomed and Stoned, The Sleeping Shaman, The Doom Charts, Tom’s Reviews, and The Third Eye. Read more of Tom’s reviews by checking out his Linktree.

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