Tag: Psychedelic Doom

  • Album Review: Primigerian by Black Sky Giant

    I recently rediscovered a band that I had previously only heard two albums by and sadly forgot about due to the massive number of albums that cross my desk daily. That band’s name is Black Sky Giant, and their newest album, Primigenean, was released on January 1st. Background While preparing for this review, I went […]

  • Album Review: DEMO by Mycelium Shroud

    Based in the Pacific Northwest, Mycelium Shroud is a collaboration between Chad from C.I.A Hippie Mind Control, vocalist TE, and James from Were-Jaguars, and their goal is to be heavy and psychedelic. On their new EP, Demo, they accomplished exactly that. It was released on December 3rd and contains three tracks in total. About Demo […]

  • Album Review: Origin by Indus Valley Kings

    According to their website, the Long Island-based Indus Valley Kings “are a heavy stoner-metal trio born from the earliest days of the planet’s existence to bring forth their down-tuned music to a yearning, modern civilization.” ​The band was formed in 2018 by guitarist/vocalist Billy Fridrich and drummer Danny Lofaro and was joined by bassist/vocalist Jonathan […]

  • Top Psychedelic Doom Bands: From Ufomammut to Clouds Taste Satanic

    There are many genres of music out there, and each serve as an umbrella for a multitude of sub-genres. Of those, we all have our favorites, for instance, I’m a long-time fan of metal, and my preferred sub-genres are thrash, doom, and psychedelic, but countless others I find highly enjoyable. Today we will cover a […]

  • Album Review: Phantom Knocks by GRIN

    I recently became aware of the Berlin-based heavy psych-doom duo of GRIN, featuring Sabine & Jan Oberg (Earth Ship, Slowshine). Their newest album, Phantom Knocks, was released on October 14th via their label, The Lasting Dose Records. About Phantom Knocks Grin falls under the heavy psych-doom genre, one of my favorite psych sub-genres. The way […]

  • Album Review: (HEAVY ON THE COSMIC) by AAWKS

    What happens when you combine the heaviness of Electric Wizard, the boogie riffs of Fu Manchu, and the spacey vibes of Pink Floyd? Well, you’d probably get AAWKS, an Ontario, Canada-based Heavy Psych band that has emerged from a cloud of weed smoke to deliver a superb debut album. Pat of Monster Riff let me […]

  • Album Review: Blinded by the Wicked by Hazemaze

    One of the coolest things about great music is when bands throw a bunch of genres and influences into a melting pot and come up with something awesome and original. That’s the feeling I got when I heard Hazemaze for the first time. The band bills itself as a Doom-Rock trio from Sweden, but they’ve […]