Tag: Surf Rock

  • Album Review: Division Rising by Morrison Graves

    A very late-in-the-year find, but quite a good one nonetheless, and if you love Jim Morrison and what he did with the Doors, then you will also enjoy Morrison Graves’ debut album, Division Rising. About Division Rising This trio of Oregonian musicians (Gary Jimmerson, Ryan Brown, Robert Bartleson) released Division Rising on December 10th, 2022, […]

  • Album Review: Colors Through the Void by The Tyromancers

    We’re headed to Île de France today, which is a region in North Central France and surrounds the Paris area. The reason for our visit is to check out The Tyromancers and their new album, Colors Through the Void, which will be released on November 25th, 2022. About Colors Through the Void The Tyromancers pull […]

  • Album Review: Pacific Afterglow by Mystic Braves

    The members of Mystic Braves have been through a lot through the past few years, and they’re “ready to move on,” according to their artist bio. The band has been making music since 2011, an exciting blend of Psych, Garage Rock, and Surf Rock that harkens back to their major influences like The Zombies, Ultimate […]