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  • Album Review: Primigerian by Black Sky Giant

    I recently rediscovered a band that I had previously only heard two albums by and sadly forgot about due to the massive number of albums that cross my desk daily. That band’s name is Black Sky Giant, and their newest album, Primigenean, was released on January 1st. Background While preparing for this review, I went […]

  • Album Review: High Tech Low Life by Buddha Sentenza

    We cover a lot of sub-genres of psychedelic music here at The Third Eye, from your standard definition of the genre to every imaginable variation of it, we always have you covered when it comes to psychedelic jams. With that in mind, we are pleased to bring you to Germany today as we discuss the […]

  • Album Review: Scavenger by CCQUEEN

    CCQUEEN is a progressive and alternative rock band from Bordeaux, France, that formed in 2015. Its members, multifaceted musicians, offer a sound that is both heavy and airy. In their first EP, “Nancy,” poetry and emotion meet to create a unique, complex, and psychedelic musical universe where intense and obsessive dreams seem to come to […]

  • Album Review: Demos from the Den: Vols I and II by Wolf Lingo

    Wolf Lingo comes to us from the Mile High City, or Denver, Colorado, for those who don’t know it by its nickname. The band describes themselves as … “A heavy groove rock trio assembled along the front range of Colorado. Bassist Graham Rausch, Guitarist/Vocalist Kyle Shupp, and Drummer Linton Wright bring an eclectic mix of […]

  • Bandcamp of the Day: Unseen by SLIFT

    Running this psych-rock blog has introduced me to a ton of great music lately. Tom’s reviews always find hidden gems I hadn’t heard of that I soon put on heavy rotation. But occasionally, I hear a band that encapsulates so many things I like about psych music that it sticks with me. This is how […]

  • Album Review: Geomancy by Owl

    There’s a band from Oakland, California that goes by the name of Owl, and they play 70s-inspired music that pulls influences from the NWOBHM, psychedelic music, stoner, rock, and even some prog. This coming February 17th will see Owl release Geomancy, and it will be our main topic for discussion today. According to the History […]

  • Album Review: Midnight Zen by Strider

    Hailing from Ankara, Turkey, comes Strider, a band with 5 exceptional musicians within its ranks, Atılım Karaca on vocals, guitarists Selçuk Çelebi and Yiğit Çiçek, Sertuğ Kostik on bass guitar and drummer Mertcan Kabaş. The band … “Was sprouted from the relentless desolation of Moorland Ankara in 2015, Strider is a 5-piece heavy rock endeavor. […]

  • Album Review: Sons of the Occult by Thammuz

    Hailing from Gelderland (The Netherlands), Thammuz combines heavy grooves with psychedelia, fuzzy guitar tones with great vocal work, along with just the right amount of rock and blues thrown in for good measure. They released their newest effort back in October of 2022, called Sons of the Occult. About Sons of the Occult Containing ten […]

  • Album Review: Quasicosm

    Hailing from the great white north of Canada, Quasicosm is here to drop the hammer down on music fans with their new, self-titled debut full-length album! The 11 tracks take the listener on a multi-genre trip that effortlessly melds them into one cohesive and excellent album. About Quasicosm As I mentioned, this is the debut […]

  • Album Review: Deafening Silence by Desert Wave

    “Vicenza is a city in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. It’s known for the elegant buildings designed by the 16th-century architect Andrea Palladio; these include the Palladian Basilica and the Palazzo Chiericati.” As a casual fan of architecture, this makes me wish I was there; however, I would also have to make my way […]