Nashville-Based Psych Rockers Saturns Day Drop New Singles, Sedate Your World & Streetlights

Okay, so I admit: I’m a bit of a recluse. Since the damn pandemic, I’ve gotten into a rut where I barely leave the house anymore. Part of it is because my day jobs have been working from home recently. Another part of it may be simple laziness. In an attempt to reverse this trend, I’m looking to connect with more psychedelic musicians that are living close to me. And by close to me, I mean in the Middle Tennessee and Nashville areas.

I moved down here to the Nashville area recently, and other than my wife and her family and friends, I don’t know anyone. I’ve been trying to connect with peeps in the area, especially musicians and music fans. One of the bands I’ve connected with recently is a psychedelic rock/pop group called Saturns Day.

You won’t find much information about Saturns Day online (or at least I couldn’t). Their Spotify profile says they formed in 2021, and they’ve been playing some shows in Nashville lately. They released their self-titled debut album in 2022. They recently dropped two new singles in April, too.

One single, Streetlights, was released on April 18th, and the other single, Sedate Your World, came to us on 4/20. It’s obvious the boys of Saturns Day like to partake in a few substances and mind-expanding stuff. An artist-made playlist on Spotify is their 420 Playlist: “jams to help you live the high life on 420.”

But enough about the drugs, man. Let’s talk about the music. Sedate Your World is the first track I listened to from Saturns Day. It’s a rocking song with plenty of guitar effects and distortion that are hallmarks of the psych genre. The vocals have an echo effect that I really dug, too. And the accent of the lead singer is what surprised me most. The accent sounds almost English, giving the track a surprising early psychedelic UK feel.

Streetlights is the other single, which has more of a poppy feel. Because of the English-sounding vocals, I also noticed an Eighties New Wave vibe or hints of Echo and the Bunnymen. Streetlights also gives more space for jamming out and has a groovy guitar-driven sound.

As for Saturns Day’s debut self-titled LP from 2022, it’s short, with eight songs that clock in at just under half an hour. Many of the recurring musical themes from the singles I mentioned above can be found on the debut. Songs like All Eyes on Me take the Eighties psych-pop sound into overdrive with beautiful melodies and candy-sweet guitar licks.

Cosmic Dream epically closes the album – it’s a seven-minute-plus song with a meaner, more progressive guitar riff than most on the record. The lyrics of the song are always psychedelic in the best way possible. It tells a story (from what I can tell) of a romantic affair that could be described only as cosmic and mind-blowing. This song also contains a killer guitar solo.

My listening journey with Saturns Day has just begun, so you’ll probably hear me talk about them more soon. I’ve also interacted with the band online, so maybe we can set up an interview to learn more about these gents. As I reach out to more bands in the Nashville area, shit, maybe I’ll actually get out of my damn house and meet some people IRL!

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