Temples Drop New Single, Cicada, Off Upcoming Album

The U.K.-based Temples has released a new single called “Cicada” off their upcoming album, which Sean Ono Lennon produced. Temples have already released another single to preview the new album called “Gamma Rays.” Sean Ono Lennon produced the entire album, Exotico, due on April 14 via ATO Records. Temples toured recently at small U.K. clubs to test the new album, and they plan to announce a full international, North American, U.K., and European tour to celebrate the arrival of Exotico.

Cicada is a pretty cool track, a metaphor for rebirth with some frenetic drumming and the use of a Marvin, a copper percussion instrument that Temples vocalist James Bagshaw said is like “something out of a steampunk museum.”

Temples’ Thomas Walmsley said the single was inspired by the sound of cicadas “and the idea of emerging from the underground after a long time of being suppressed.” Walmsley added, “We were attempting to turn that sound into a dance rhythm, and once we started working with Sean, we built up the production by digging into his cupboard of keyboards and synths.”

Exotico will be Temples’ fourth studio album and the first one since 2019’s Hot Motion. Temples is more of a psychedelic pop group, and you can tell with the dancehall feel of the other single, “Gamma Rays.” I’d say they could be compared to a band like Mystic Braves, which we’ve covered here on Third Eye before.

The new record will contain 16 tracks and was recorded in London, Worcestershire, and Brighton studios. Lennon added multi-instrumental and vocal accompaniment to songs like “Oval Stones” and “Afterlife.”

Temples’ music is sweet like candy, a smooth dream-pop that’s nice to chill out to and good for fans of acts like Melody’s Echo Chamber, Sugar Candy Mountain, and Morgan Delt. Temples have a large following already, so I probably don’t need to tell you that (lolz).

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