Third Eye Weekly Listening: 2/17/23

Another week, more great music! Here’s this week’s roundup of great new psych music below. Shoot me a message if you’re a band and want to be featured.

This week, we have some instrumental cosmic country, fuzzed-out psych rock from Norway, and a bizarre psychedelic synth-wave record. Enjoy!

Psych Jams for This Week

Night Errant by Name of Kings

Name of Kings reached out to me recently about this new single released on Bandcamp on February 1, 2023. They describe themselves as a “Rock-soul band with Transoxanian characteristics. Originally based in Prague during the 1990s. Newly reformed to release the long-awaited album “Yurt.””

Night Errant is a single on the upcoming Yurt, to be released this May. They’re not kidding about the soulful tunes.

Downpour by Kanaan

Kanaan has been on my radar for a while. They’re a fuzzed-out Norwegian psych-rock trio signed to the excellent El Paraiso Records. Downpour drops this May, so cozy up to the single in the meantime, Amazon.

Hermit’s Grove by Wax Machine

From Bandcamp: “Surfing on a sun-drenched wave of psychedelia comes Brighton’s very own Merry Pranksters, Wax Machine. Primarily recorded and mixed in a closet room directly above a mortuary, their self-produced album Hermit’s Grove is a heady trip through progressive psychedelia, kitsch Italian library music and Brazilian tropicalia.”

Library music? Brazilian Tropicalia? Quite an exotic blend. The album dropped last July (2022), perfect for the summer sun.


Released on February 7, Mystic Vulture has been described as a “desert rock opera.” Cleõphüzz is from Quebec, not exactly a place known for its desert habitat, but they channel the energy of that landscape quite well. The music is deeply atmospheric, trippy, and hypnotic.

Nightfall Generator by Bard’s Flying Vessel

Nightfall Generator is another record inspired by the desert from a band that doesn’t live in one. Bard’s Flying Vessel is based in Brooklyn, but they say the record is like “a tequila sunset dipping behind a big-ass mesa.” The twangy guitar riffs, driving percussion, and dreamlike harmonies will have you tapping your feet.

Gyre by The Utopia Strong

Strap yourself in for the extended jams on this record from UK-based The Utopia Strong. Both songs on this February 3, 2023, release are more than 20 minutes long and take you on a long, strange, psychedelic trip.

Solar Trip

From Bandcamp: “Let the dark light into your mind and awake your imagination to create your own space journey. Welcome to the trip.” Poland-based Solar Trip is space rock at its finest – expansive, heavy, and devastating.

Psychedelic Ghost Stories by Ether Diver

Psychedelic Ghost Stories is what happens when synth-wave and way-out-there electronic noises are mixed and fused with 21st-century psych stylings. This is a very strange record, like a soundtrack for Adult Swim. It’s not for everybody, but for open minds who like the weirder side of life, this could be up your alley.

Origin Myths by Bobby Lee

From Bandcamp: “Open sky/scorched earth improvisations recorded to four-track tape during the rare moments of solitude afforded by lockdown and early fatherhood. Bobby Lee’s “worn-denim psych-country” remains, but the ancestral spirits of Ashra, Popol Vuh, and Terry Riley are present here too. Time and technological limitations have been embraced. A song dreamt up, tracked, and mixed in an afternoon, never to be tampered with again. Imperfections allowed to stand, knowing that nothing is ever truly finished.”

I’ve really been into the cosmic country genre lately, and this is an excellent example of it. Bobby Lee is an acid cowboy from the UK that digs into the ghosts of Americana’s past and brings them to your ears.

Flora and Fauna of the Uncanny Valley by Golden Brown

Here’s another excellent cosmic country record from 2020, a lush instrumental album from Colorado’s Golden Brown. It’s a tender, meditative album that unfolds like a long drive through Big Sky Country.

It’s Bandcamp Friday, so go to the site and support some of these artists! Also, drop some links to what you think should’ve made the cut. Cheers.

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