Bandcamp of the Day: Proper Milling by Kamel Toast

If you like Fu Manchu and the fuzzier side of Stoner Rock, you’ll love Kamel Toast. Unfortunately, there’s very little info on the interwebs about this four-piece band from Finland, but I recently stumbled upon their new record, Proper Milling, and I’ve been loving it. So, call this segment “Bandcamp of the Day.”

According to their Spotify profile, Kamel Toast describes its music as, “Roll with the rawness of garage, smoothness of stoner, out thereness of psych and the gloom of doom.”

Looking through Bandcamp, it seems as though “Snake’s Loose” was their debut record in 2021. They also have an EP and single from 2020 up on Spotify.

“Fun Killer” is the first track on Proper Milling, and it has a catchy, infectious groove and cool, smooth vocals that reminded me so much of Fu Manchu and the sun-soaked California stoner bands. And, damn, the riff is fantastic.

Other tracks are great, too, such as “As Fast as Lighting,” a slower, more meditative jam for those sadder days, and “Shoe Peels,” which has an excellent guitar tone. Fans of Stoner and the groovier side of psych rock won’t be disappointed with Proper Milling by Kamel Toast – check it out!

Support Kamel Toast by checking out their Bandcamp or find them on social media (Instagram).

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