Tag: Psychedelic Rock

  • Album Review: Quasicosm

    Hailing from the great white north of Canada, Quasicosm is here to drop the hammer down on music fans with their new, self-titled debut full-length album! The 11 tracks take the listener on a multi-genre trip that effortlessly melds them into one cohesive and excellent album. About Quasicosm As I mentioned, this is the debut […]

  • Album Review: We Are Stardust by Astral Magic

    We’re heading to Finland once again! This time our focus is on Astral Magic and their January 6th, 2023, release; We Are Stardust. About We Are Stardust According to the description on their Bandcamp profile, “Astral Magic is a new psychedelic and spacey solo project started in 2020 by ex-Dark Sun bass and Moog player […]

  • Album Review: Deafening Silence by Desert Wave

    “Vicenza is a city in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. It’s known for the elegant buildings designed by the 16th-century architect Andrea Palladio; these include the Palladian Basilica and the Palazzo Chiericati.” As a casual fan of architecture, this makes me wish I was there; however, I would also have to make my way […]

  • Album Review: Vortex by Pharm

    Pharm hails from Kelowna, British Columbia, in Canada, and plays a brand of rock that is a blend of progressive, metal, and stoner, and could also be called “hyper stoner rock.” Their debut album is called Vortex and has been available since October 29th, 2022. About Vortex Pharm is Lucas Segall on bass and vocals, […]

  • Album Review: DEMO by Mycelium Shroud

    Based in the Pacific Northwest, Mycelium Shroud is a collaboration between Chad from C.I.A Hippie Mind Control, vocalist TE, and James from Were-Jaguars, and their goal is to be heavy and psychedelic. On their new EP, Demo, they accomplished exactly that. It was released on December 3rd and contains three tracks in total. About Demo […]

  • Album Review: Chapter 4 by Mycena

    The Croatian instrumental music makers known as Mycena have recently released their newest album, Chapter 4, and the three tracks on it are excellent examples of what music can be without vocals. About Chapter 4 Mycena is made up of 5 musicians, Aleksandar Vrhovec (Synth, Effects), Marin Mitić (Guitar), Pavle Bojanić (Guitar), Karlo Cmrk (Bass), […]

  • Album Review: The Faceless King by Vitskär Süden

    I’ve always loved concept albums. Besides being a music fan, I have written my fair share of poetry and fiction, and I’ve found concept albums to be so awesome because they are like a musical novel or book of short stories. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Los Angeles-based quartet Vitskär Süden […]

  • Tame Impala Issues Warning on Lighting Effects After a Couple of Fans Suffer Seizures at a Recent New Zealand Show

    Tame Impala recently issued a warning on Instagram to concertgoers about intense lighting effects after some audience members at a recent show in New Zealand suffered seizures. Kevin Parker and the band posted the note on their Instagram stories on October 16th, warning fans susceptible to seizures to be mindful during their shows because of […]

  • This Day in Rock Music History: Dec. 6, 1966 – The Beatles Record a Holiday Message for Pirate Radio and Begin Sgt. Pepper’s Recordings

    The Beatles were busy on December 6, 1966. On this day so many years ago, the band recorded the first song for what would become their legendary psychedelic record, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. But they were also in the Christmas spirit, apparently. The Beatles were champions of the pirate radio stations that operated […]

  • Bandcamp of the Day: Nostalgia by Skinshape

    Skinshape is the project of London-based multi-instrumentalist Will Dorey, originally from Swanage, England. I hadn’t heard of this dude’s jams until stumbling upon him on Bandcamp recently and his recent album, Nostalgia. It’s a good one with many relaxing instrumental tracks reminiscent of ‘90s trip-hop. Dorey is also the co-founder of the reggae label Horus […]