Enjoy Some Global Grooves with Gitkin’s New Album Nowhere to Go But Everywhere

If you’re in the mood for some global grooves, Gitkin is a multi-instrumentalist and producer that should interest you. Based in Brooklyn, NY, he has recently released Nowhere to Go but Everywhere, which combines elements of Peruvian Chica, Saharan desert vibes, Cuban music, and a nice dose of psych rock. It’s an eclectic blend that draws styles from around the world and mixes them into a mostly instrumental melting pot of goodness.

Gitkin’s first LP, 5-Star Motel, was also fantastic, drawing comparisons to Khruangbin. The guitar-driven music is emotionally evocative and throbs with passion. His second record, Safe Passage, was also a delight. Nowhere to Go but Everywhere was released on March 17, featuring the single “Whaya,” a groove-laden tune with just the right amount of swing. The guitar melody combined with a vintage synthesizer has drawn comparisons to Tuareg guitar virtuosos like Bombino but adds the right amount of bluesy touch.

Another single on the album, Chichala, hits on hipster Cumbia, using congas, dub drops, and a melody played on a charango. Tesoro is the only single with vocals and has some Cuban flavor. The lyrics are sung in Spanish, and there’s a sensual dance between the seductive vocals and emotive guitar that may get you into the mood to, well, you know.

Gitkin’s new record was recorded in his studio during the thick of the pandemic. He says he tries to think as little as possible when he’s making music, but this time, he was reflecting on a particular phase of his life in his early 20s. He was hitchhiking around the country, meditating, seeking adventure and “something sacred.” “Somehow, the essence of that journey crept into the record,” Gitkin says. Nowhere to Go but Everywhere is a quote from Jack Kerouac’s classic novel On the Road, by the way, so it shows the connection between the record’s wanderlust feels with the ultimate book of the Beat Generation nomad.

Gitkin announced dates for a fall European Union tour, kicking off on September 7, 2023, in Paris and wrapping up on October 1 in Dublin. He’ll play dates in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, and Scotland. If you’re over there in the EU, that might be a great show to check out to see this silky smooth, globally grooved guitar player.

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