Tag: Psychedelic Folk

  • Album Review: At the Institute of Mentalphysics by Betty Benedeadly & Braden Guess

    Here’s a fact that you may have overlooked but one that I most certainly did not; Brad Frye and his Desert Records label put out some of the coolest music in the underground desert rock scene. Whether it’s his outstanding Legends of the Desert series, Cortége, Book of Wyrms, or my favorite artist on the […]

  • Album Review: The Homing Bird’s Trace by River Flows Reverse

    River Flows Reverse comes to us from Hungary, but they’re not actually a band. And The Homing Bird’s Trace, the music they created during the early days of the pandemic, is a hauntingly beautiful, somewhat-improvisational jam session recorded when said musicians were bored and unable to play shows. The members of River Flows Reverse come […]

  • EP Review: Dust on Dust by Whitebeard

    Whitebeard was not a name that I was familiar with before listening to his new EP, Dust on Dust. So being the inquisitive music journalist that I am, I decided to reach out to the Future Wizards label in hopes of finding out just who Whitebeard is and was answered by the man himself. “Whitebeard […]