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  • Top Psychedelic Doom Bands: From Ufomammut to Clouds Taste Satanic

    There are many genres of music out there, and each serve as an umbrella for a multitude of sub-genres. Of those, we all have our favorites, for instance, I’m a long-time fan of metal, and my preferred sub-genres are thrash, doom, and psychedelic, but countless others I find highly enjoyable. Today we will cover a […]

  • Album Review: Blinded by the Wicked by Hazemaze

    One of the coolest things about great music is when bands throw a bunch of genres and influences into a melting pot and come up with something awesome and original. That’s the feeling I got when I heard Hazemaze for the first time. The band bills itself as a Doom-Rock trio from Sweden, but they’ve […]