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  • Album Review: Chapter 4 by Mycena

    The Croatian instrumental music makers known as Mycena have recently released their newest album, Chapter 4, and the three tracks on it are excellent examples of what music can be without vocals. About Chapter 4 Mycena is made up of 5 musicians, Aleksandar Vrhovec (Synth, Effects), Marin Mitić (Guitar), Pavle Bojanić (Guitar), Karlo Cmrk (Bass), […]

  • The Influence of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme on Psych Rock

    There are few musicians in jazz history as beloved as John Coltrane, the saxophonist, and composer who died much too young at 40 years old. And among Coltrane’s many contributions to jazz and music history, none of his records and recordings are held in as high esteem as A Love Supreme. A Love Supreme was […]