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  • Classic Albums Revisited: It’s Smoke Time By The Smoke

    We are heading back to 1967 for this edition of Classic Rock Albums Revisited when psychedelic music was new and had many bands experimenting with its many sounds. One of those bands was the British act called The Smoke, whose only album was titled, It’s Smoke Time. About It’s Smoke Time  The Smoke – It’s…

  • Third Eye Weekly Listening: 3/10/23

    Another week, more great music. Tom added a few contributions to this week’s listening session. This week, we have dream pop from New Zealand, jam sessions from our friends Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska, falsetto fairytale folk songs, and an interesting electronic/ambient concept album about interconnected radio stations. Enjoy! Psych Jams of the Week Tom’s…

  • Album Review: On The Whole Universe In All Directions By Elkhorn

    Centripetal Force (North America) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK/Europe) have announced the upcoming release of Elkhorn’s On The Whole Universe In All Directions, which introduces the vibraphone to the Elkhorn sound. Pre-orders for the album begin on March 24, and the release is scheduled for April 7. About On The Whole Universe In All Directions  Track…

  • William Tyler & The Impossible Truth Release Hard-Rocking Single Off Upcoming Album

    Country guitar virtuoso William Tyler has released a new single off an upcoming album with his band The Impossible Truth called “Area Code 601,” a live performance. The album, Secret Stratosphere, will be a live one dropped on March 31 and the first recorded output for William Tyler and the Impossible Truth. Tyler describes the…

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