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  • Bandcamp of the Day: Unseen by SLIFT

    Running this psych-rock blog has introduced me to a ton of great music lately. Tom’s reviews always find hidden gems I hadn’t heard of that I soon put on heavy rotation. But occasionally, I hear a band that encapsulates so many things I like about psych music that it sticks with me. This is how […]

  • Bandcamp of the Day: Nostalgia by Skinshape

    Skinshape is the project of London-based multi-instrumentalist Will Dorey, originally from Swanage, England. I hadn’t heard of this dude’s jams until stumbling upon him on Bandcamp recently and his recent album, Nostalgia. It’s a good one with many relaxing instrumental tracks reminiscent of ‘90s trip-hop. Dorey is also the co-founder of the reggae label Horus […]

  • Bandcamp of the Day: Proper Milling by Kamel Toast

    If you like Fu Manchu and the fuzzier side of Stoner Rock, you’ll love Kamel Toast. Unfortunately, there’s very little info on the interwebs about this four-piece band from Finland, but I recently stumbled upon their new record, Proper Milling, and I’ve been loving it. So, call this segment “Bandcamp of the Day.” According to […]

  • Band of the Day: Goat

    I always find it refreshing when a band has an air of mystery. Daft Punk hid behind their robot helmets for a long while, and the Swedish metal band Ghost worked to keep their identities hidden for a while, too, despite some leaks over the years. No band in the psychedelic scene is more mysterious […]

  • Artist of the Day: Obongjayar

    Obongjayar isn’t exactly a psychedelic rock artist. In fact, it’s hard to pin any type of genre on him, but his music is profoundly experimental and interesting. He’s a Nigerian artist based in London, and Obongjayar is his stage name (his real name is Steven Umoh). He grew up in Calabar, Nigeria, being raised by […]