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  • EP Review: The Movement by Free Whenever

    You may remember a post we did not too long ago about a Brooklyn-based psychedelic act, Free Whenever, and their new single, Camino. Well, the band has released a new EP, The Movement, today, and we’re here to tell you it’s the type of psychedelic jamming that could be right up your alley. About The…

  • EP Review: Héliolite By Birds of Nazca

    Nantes, France, is home to a duo of musicians that call themselves Birds of Nazca. They recently released their second album, a three-track EP called Héliolite, with a digital version on May 5th, 2023, a CD release slated for June 15th, and a vinyl release on September 15th. About Héliolite Formed in 2019, Birds of…

  • Album Review: Aashray by Apex Ten

    The Belgian psych-rockers Apex Ten have returned triumphantly with their newest album, Aashray. There are few things I like better than a record of psychedelic jams and improvisations, and this record has it in spades. The band is a (mostly) instrumental power trio formed in 2021 in Liège, Belgium, featuring Alexis Radelet (drums), Brad Masaya…

  • Album Review: Wild Revelations By Jack Tully & The Seers

    Jack Tully & The Seers is a bluesy psych rock act that comes to us from Bryon Bay, Australia. The band, fronted by Tully, was formed in the Byron hinterland of Australia and loves fuzzy electric guitars and experimental sounds. They say their main influences are the hypnotic rock of Spacemen 3 and the “rollicking…

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