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  • Album Review: On The Whole Universe In All Directions By Elkhorn

    Centripetal Force (North America) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK/Europe) have announced the upcoming release of Elkhorn’s On The Whole Universe In All Directions, which introduces the vibraphone to the Elkhorn sound. Pre-orders for the album begin on March 24, and the release is scheduled for April 7. About On The Whole Universe In All Directions  Track…

  • William Tyler & The Impossible Truth Release Hard-Rocking Single Off Upcoming Album

    Country guitar virtuoso William Tyler has released a new single off an upcoming album with his band The Impossible Truth called “Area Code 601,” a live performance. The album, Secret Stratosphere, will be a live one dropped on March 31 and the first recorded output for William Tyler and the Impossible Truth. Tyler describes the…

  • Oats’ Newest Single, Clean Claws, Is Here to Re-arrange Your Eardrums

    London-based multi-instrumentalist Oats is one of the first musicians I interviewed after starting The Third Eye (see the interview here). I was drawn in by the unique kaleidoscope of sounds he makes, so I talked to him via email about the EP he released in 2022, Octavius. Along with being a solid musician, Oats has…

  • Classic Albums Revisited: Attila

    Spin Magazine published an article on February 22nd, 2023, titled The 22 Greatest Two-Person Bands of All Time, which was an interesting and informative piece. I had no idea that bands like Local H, The Black Keys, and Ween were duos, and I also had no clue that Billy Joel (yes, that Billy Joel) was…

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