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Check Out This Soulful New Single from Bucharest-Based Rockers Name of Kings

The soulful rockers Name of Kings has dropped a new single, Night Errant, off their upcoming album. The band was originally based in Prague during the Nineties but now operates out of Bucharest. They recently got back together to release their album Yurt, due on May 1st.

Night Errant has a definite retro vibe, reminding me a bit of Jethro Tull. The band says they have Transoxianan characteristics, Latin for a region and civilization in lower Central Asia. Transoxiana music is the folk music of the Persian-speaking peoples of the region, or at least that’s what Google told me.

Along with Night Errant, the upcoming album features tracks with titles like Rumi, so the Persian folk soul influence is apparent. Name of Kings is Bohemond Pasha (vox, acoustic guitar, percussion) and Majid Majnun (acoustic, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, oud, keys, percussion, barbat, ocarina, string, and horn arrangements).

I’m looking forward to hearing Yurt when it releases in May, and if we can get our hands on an advanced copy, we’ll give you the rundown. Save this one for pre-order now and stay tuned for the release!

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